DEC & Sitefinity Training

Get a Sitefinity Training today.Solve the challenges of tomorrow.

We have decades of combined experience with Sitefinity. For several years we have been members of the Sitefinity engineering group. We have consulted and customized Sitefinity for hundreds of customers. This allows us to perform a Sitefinity Training tied exactly to your needs.

We continue to learn every day and our passion is to share our knowledge in very effective and engaging way. Our goal is to help you learn all the essentials that will make you successful with Sitefinity.

Below you can find highlights of some of the most popular Sitefinity Training related courses that we offer:

Sitefinity Training

Sitefinity Training & Bootcamps

If you feel confident that you or your team know the basics, then it’s time for to up your skills and go to the next level. Learn how to develop enterprise applications optimized for performance & scale, how to setup continuous integration and continuous delivery. You will also get familiar with best practices around Sitefinity development – right from the kitchen. Moreover, we can offer personalized Sitefinity Training tied exactly to your team’s needs.

Upgrade of a Sitefinity Web Site

Sitefinity Administration Bootcamp

Hosting a Sitefinity web application can be challenging due to the many unknown dependancies and subtle tech details most IT professional have to learn the hard way. This can be very expensive and time consuming. Take the upper hand and let us teach you all you need to know about maintaining Sitefinity in enterprise deployment scenarios – encryption, security, load balancing, SiteSync, Search, SSO and authentication, error logs, performance, autoscaling – we know it all

Mastering Content class

It’s all about being productive. Rapid content changes, marketing campaigns, making sure to visual guidelines, content governance – we can teach you all the essentials to allow your content editing members to collaborate effectively. Get full control over your digital presence.

Did you find the training you are looking for? We can also provide tailored training for IT Administrators, Developers, and Content Editors.