Sitefinity Managed Services

Fully transparent Managed Services for your Sitefinity sites

Athracian offers complete set of Managed Services for your Sitefinity web applications. We will help you offload your IT team, or fully take over the critical mission to keep the application securely running 24/7. We have mastered the maintenance and zero-downtown upgrades, as well as the dynamic scalability, in order to meet the ever-growing business needs.

We have been with Sitefinity for long enough to know the ins and outs of the entire life-cycle of the web application. Very often, the burden of having an enterprise content management system is not only to develop it according to very high standards, but to also continuously support, maintain and secure the web site.

What is in for you

Core offering:

  • Managed Hosting for your application
  • Streamlined operations on your web sites
  • Minimum downtime

Added value:

  • Development tools in the cloud;
  • Cloud environments and application instances
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery


  • 99.7% SLA
  • Geo-located service (one or multiple regions)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Host on Private Cloud, Azure or Amazon Web Services

Tailored offering according to your needs

  • Single Point of Contact for up-to-date reports and support requests
  • Sitefinity Upgrades with zero downtimes, according to your business schedule
  • High-Availability and Scalability for maximum performance and cost-saving in mind
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Health, Uptime and Advanced monitoring, including Push notifications for your peace of mind
  • Security: Static and Dynamic Testing
  • SSO, Active Directory and Azure AD authentication setup

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