Sitefinity Solutions

Site Upgrades

Keeping your Sitefinity instance upgraded and well maintained is vital, especially when you count on it for the longer term.

Did You Know?

  • Upgrading from Sitefinity 8.2 to version 10.2, you’ll get more than 700 bug fixes
  • Sitefinity 10.2 brings not just security fixes, but SEO features and performance improvements that will boost your Google score.
  • If you run Sitefinity version lower than v10, you’ll need to implement your own GDPR compatible cookie tracking consent
  • If you run Sitefinity version before 11, you are probably using outdated and not supported Authentication mechanism, and there’s a chance you have your web sites exposed to 5+ security risks

Your Upgrade Strategy

If you haven’t got one – we feel your pain. There’s just a lot of uncertainties anyway surrounding the Sitefinity upgrades – how you should plan them, budget them and execute them from A to Z.

Reasons to Upgrade


Technical Reasons

In general, you should upgrade at least once a year, in order to get the updates from a major Sitefinity version. That will ensure you have the biggest code changes.   The less major code changes you have to deal with, the smoother and cheaper the upgrades will be.

You will also be getting security and performance optimizations regularly for peace of mind.


A Million Other Reasons

Upgrading your Sitefinity application to the latest version gives you instant access to the latest features and security updates.

We will guide you to what you can use to maximise the value of your Sitefinity investment giving you a solid roadmap and knowledge on what you do to leverage the latest marketing, content editing, security, e-commerce, and other features in Sitefinity.

Our Processes

Athracian’s experts have specialized in optimizing Sitefinity solutions not just for performance, but for maintainability as well. As part of the upgrade, we’ll optimize the solution for easier maintenance in the future, refactor it where needed to ensure the latest Sitefinity API usage and will follow the general best practices for a cleaner .NET solution. Upgrades should not leave any legacy – but with other vendors they often do, and we see this almost daily in our work.

We Will Also Provide

  • Transparent pricing model & discounted annual upgrade commitments plans
  • Clear separation of concerns and model of cooperation: What is a Testing phase, what needs to be done for successful deployment and by whom
  • Complete documentation with actions taken to take your solution to not just next version, but to the next level.

In comparison with other vendors, Athracian will provide detailed Findings report – what you should be knowing about your project and its state, what makes the upgrades harder or easier in your particular case.

We will set it up for easier upgrade the next time around and will provide Visual Regressions Report – a state comparison of before and after the upgrade – for every single page, even if you have thousands of pages.