High Availability & Scaling

In our approach, we analyze the Sitefinity performance demands, do an audit of the weakest parts of the system and then design an optimal solution with the Sitefinity customizations and configurations needed to support the requirements. Before scaling the web solution, web site owners must first optimize Sitefinity for performance.

Scaling Sitefinity for the Enterprise

There are many scalability options available today for web systems.

When designing Sitefinity for the Enterprise, there are multiple factors that need to be considered. Product limitations, specifics, requirements for availability and data security. There are often additional factors that need to be accounted for, so that the solution is created as a whole. Such requirements might include – delivery for both code and data as well as fail-over scenarios and disaster recovery options.

Athracian helps enterprise organizations with different solutions using scaling of standalone instances, rule-based vertical and horizontal scaling in different deployments – cloud and on-premises. We can help you pick up the right approach with optimal cost saving scaling. We often find that customers are confused which scaling option is the right for them, as well as how the scaling rules must be set up. Athracian will help you with that task.

Vertical Scaling

To scale vertically (also known as scale up) is to add computational power or memory to already existing server(s) in the deployment.

For Sitefinity, that might mean scaling up of the web and database server. Furthermore, the resources dedicated for supporting an existing Content Delivery Network or Caching servers’ instances might also be increased.

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal scale, or scale-out is when you add more servers/services instances in order to cope with the increasing load demands.

We could apply non trivial technics such as polyglot persistence, SSL Offloading, as well as design and implementation of standalone cloud APIs.

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