Sitefinity Solutions

MVC Migration

If you are having a Sitefinity powered digital assets such as web sites and application, the MVC migration will help you facelift your application and take it to the next level.

Google has used page load performance as a ranking factor for the desktop index since 2010. In recent years more emphasis is being placed on page load because it is a key factor used to measure overall user experience.

How does our Approach
Compares to Traditional?

Sitefinity is our passion. Before joining Athracian, some of our team members were founding engineers of the current Sitefinity MVC framework and we understand its fundamental principles as well as every detail of it. With more 50+ years of combined experience in developing the Progress Sitefinity CMS, Athracian has developed unique way of moving your Sitefinity assets to 100% Sitefinity MVC in a way that none of our competitors can match. This results in time and budget savings for you making Migration to MVC practical and sensible.


Upfront Transparency

Dedicated to being fully transparent, we will do a full assessment of the current application state and the expected effort for complete MVC Migration. Upfront you will know exactly what to expect, how long it will take and how much it will cost you.

This will ensure that no hidden or unexpected costs will be allowed to accrue.


Content Reuse

Our approach to MVC migration will preserve and reuse all of your existing content. With our proprietary approach, we will avoid the expensive and highly disruptive task of migrating the already existing content to a new system.

For you, this means no loss of content for your and smarter investment of the things that matter.


Performance Boost

Migrating to MVC we will address performance issues and will optimise your website for serving SEO friendly content with a lightning fast speed.

We will eliminate tons of performance issues of your website and will generate performance optimisation roadmap for all existing performance issues if required.


Code Reuse

That is our most unique advantage. Our well-polished approach will reuse your codebase and stepping on what you already have. We will do changes to the codebase, but will not replace it – merely improve it.

This results in less investments for you and giving new life of your existing Sitefinity assets.


Link Preservation

By keeping you content and code, we will ensure that no links will be broken avoiding costly SEO penalties and expensive SEO vanity Urls migrations.

Our approach will guarantee that you will not spend resources for something that can be solved by design of the approach.


Access to Latest Features

As part of the MVC migration, we will upgrade your Sitefinity application to the latest Sitefinity version giving you instant access to its the latest features and security updates.

We will guide you to what you can use to maximise the value of your Sitefinity investment giving you a solid roadmap and knowledge on what you do to leverage the latest marketing, content editing, security, e-commerce, and other features in Sitefinity.

MVC Migration Impacts Everything


When we migrate your Sitefinity application to MVC, performance will be the most noticeable difference. You website will be optimised for higher score in Google Lighthouse (ex. PageSpeed), meaning higher SEO rank, noticeable load times improvements, more happy users and growing business.

Content Editors Satisfaction

Do you know that when we migrate your Sitefinity website to MVC, we will not just upgrade to the latest Sitefinity version with improved Backend editing UI. We will also replace all of your Sitefinity widgets with MVC Widgets, which have nicer UI, faster editing time boosting your editors productivity and satisfaction.

Developer Productivity

Migrating to MVC is not just about getting access to the dominating web technology in the world of Microsoft’s and Sitefinity. We will also ensure to eliminate any technical debt and restructure your project to improve the health of your Sitefinity application and its code base to support your investment for the years to come.

MVC migration is something that you must consider, in order to stay relative in the CMS space. It boosts your SEO rankings, web site speed and makes everyone’s life easier – including your developers and designers workflows.