Core Technology R&D

With years of industry expertise and always putting the client’s business needs in mind, we always strive for the best implementations while mitigating risks and applying individual approach to each and every client. Software development nowadays has many different phases and development is usually the easiest part. Let us help you with all stages of planning and development.

Architecture Assessment

Technical architecture analysis on both newly developed solutions and legacy ones. Preparation of technical strategy recommendations and ongoing technical guidance.

Web Architecture

Architecture design preparation regarding web systems of any size. Designing reliable and highly available systems, ensuring data consistency, improving scalability, with focus on meeting your specific business requirements.

Evolutionary Architecture

Modern architecture approaches bring huge value when they are applied the right way. We love Microservices and we can help you built your solutions following the best practices in the field.

Security Evaluation and Analysis

Security evaluation of .NET and PHP applications. At the end. we ensure the your   web assets are reliable and well secured.

Technical Monitoring of systems

Technical monitoring of critical systems and tooling setup for actionable and real-time insights and notifications.

Software delivery & legacy re-engineering

Sooner or later, software projects either must be enhanced, or they become the elephant in the room. There’re many ways to execute this, and we’ve done it many times.

Product Definition and MVP development

We are product guys at heart. We offer to help you define the product and its validation stages as we realize how important it is to do it the right way.

Rapid prototyping

The early tech proof of concept is critical when big and usually expensive solutions are explored. It pays back in the future by lowering the overall costs of sometimes dead-end solutions.

Continuous Delivery

We can help you ship your solutions fast. Let the automation do the work.