Perfection doesn’t happen overnight

We have decades of experience seeking perfection for the digital solutions and products we have been passionately working on. We know that the value we bring relies on a solid blend of process discipline, determination of the vision, and flexibility during execution.

Here are the success factors that define our core expertise and we can proudly offer to our customers:

Digital Strategy

A lot of companies struggle with individual projects and are reactive to the day-to-day challenges they face. We help our customers to define and execute on cohesive and scalable initiates or strategies encapsulatin multiple projects, digital assets, and channels. We will focus on not only solving the problems of the day, but also addressing the challenges of the future helping our customers to avoid technical debt and to get return on their IT investments.

Software Engineering

Implementing solutions for customers is something we take very seriously. We focus on strict processes and core principles that make our delivery model focused on success. Engineering is our heart, customer success is our soul and mind. We know by heart that software engineering is our biggest expertise and passion, which we hope to share with you

Consulting and Mentoring

We have learnt that finding the right solution for our customers has many layers. When customer success if paramount, providing the best solution does not always equal new software. A lot times the best solution can only happen with fixing or improving their existing software, streamlining their processes and mentor their people. We are experts on consulting and mentoring that takes our customers to success helping them leverage their existing assets or talent.

Product Developement

We are not yet another solution provider. What makes us distinct is that product development is in our DNA. We excel and have years of experience with all aspects of it – idea and solution validation, defining markets, software design and architecture, roadmap and release planning, execution, support, go to market, demand generation, channels … With 20+ years of experience as key leaders in product management and engineering for the Progress Sitefinity CMS, we have the confidence and the know-how to take ideas from zero to one

Solution comes before technology

Learning new skills and technologies is fundamental for our philosophy. We know that to offer the best solution to our customers we need to see things in perspective and have a feel of the industry and beat with the pulse of the technology.

When crafting solutions and products for our customers and ourselves, we step on versatile technology stack including frameworks like ASP.NET, .NET Core, Angular as well as platforms such as Sitefinity CMS, Orchard, and WordPress. We step on a variety of programming languages, cloud services, and tools.